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Ann’s experience within this field of Neurological Physiotherapy means that she can offer a holistic experience for her clients.


  • Bespoke neurological physiotherapy rehabilitation assessments and programmes of treatment suited to the clients specific needs
  • Fitness retraining and water based neurological physiotherapy/hydrotherapy
  • 24 hour postural management programmes
  • Comprehensive training of support staff in the physiotherapy management of a client with a neurological condition
  • Liaison with other professionals involved in the clients care, including accompanying the client to important appointments regarding their physiotherapy management e.g. to see consultants, to have minor procedures such as Bo-tox
  • Liaison with the clients community where necessary
  • Home based assessments and treatments
  • Provision of appropriate equipment
  • Advice regarding large pieces of equipment, wheelchairs and the setting up of physiotherapy treatment rooms in a client’s house
  • Functional electrical stimulation; this allows the body to relearn movements again after a client has had a neurological problem. It has recently been endorsed by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). I am a registered practioner to provide this functional electrical stimulation.


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