My name is Zak, and I suffered an injury to my Thoracic vertebrae resulting in complete paralysis from the waist down and wheelchair bound.The paralysis caused me all sorts of muscular pains and related illnesses, substantial loss in strength and stamina. This made it nigh on impossible to live the lifestyle of which I was accustomed. 

Upon being discharged from hospital I began seeing Ann and she went through the activities I enjoyed before my accident and worked out a tailor made physiotherapy plan to get me back to a level of well-being so as to enable me to live a decent lifestyle.I was seeing results within weeks of working with Ann and it got to the point where I could just go out as if I wasn’t disabled at all, the pains subsided and my life returned to a semblance of its normal ebb. 

Ann Pimm is one of the main contributors to my new found rein on life post-trauma and she certainly comes highly recommended by me and my family who have also commented on the fact that since Ann entered the picture with my rehabilitation that’s when the real progress began.

Zak - March 2012

My name is Ian and I am a survivor of a serious head injury sustained in a car crash.

Injuries were multiple skull fracture, de-gloved, fractured vertebrae in three places resulting in a craniotomy to relieve some of the pressure on the brain. Hospital and rehabilitation continued for months. In these months that progressed for years I had contact with numerous consultants/therapists in the neurological area of treatment. Now after about 8 years only one stands out as someone who I have complete trust and faith in. She is dedicated above and beyond the call of duty, who gives me confidence in her knowledge of people with neurological problems.

Over the last 8 years from all the professionals I have seen I would only recommend Ann as someone who has helped and given me the confidence needed to improve, she does not stop trying to give support  and assistance not just to myself but the family also.

I would only recommend one person during my last 8 years of rehabilitation – Ann Pimm.

Ian D. - September 2010

My name is Juliet. Four years ago I was in a car crash in which I suffered a severe head injury, multiple orthopedic and brachial plexus injuries. In the following days I also suffered blockage of the carotid arteries and a series of strokes. This left me with serious challenges.

After months of stabilization I had to learn to sit up, stand up and walk again – my arms and hands remained severely limited. I received fantastic support and care from a whole series of dedicated professionals  all of whom helped me with steps on the way.

I met Ann at a point at which I had been discharged from NHS care and was looking to make improvements in my daily life. Ann is excellent at listening, identifying individual goals and then motivating to achieve. She has the technical skill and knowledge to understand the appropriate way to treat neuro-injuries.

This October Ann ran with me on my first ever 10k and, most significantly to me, helped extend the movement of left arm following botox injections. I was particularly impressed by the way Ann worked with the Consultant to provide intensive and appropriate therapies in order give me a lasting improvement.

If you ask Ann to help you, you won’t be disappointed. She will carefully and happily help you to your goals. I am working towards a half marathon – will you be there Ann?

Juliet - December 2010